Finance Services

OrthoBooks was specifically created to support the unique needs of manufacturers  

that serve the Orthopedic, Spine and Biologics industries.

For All Finance and Accounting Needs

From bookkeeping to fractional CFO services 

OrthoBooks has the know how to understand your business.


We can handle all typical bookkeeping services including item reconciliations and basic entry and closing procedures.


If you need a higher level of accounting, utilize one of our CPAs for more advanced accounting requirements.


Our Controller services include US GAAP accounting to include creation and support of internal controls and policies.


Be prepared for audits, financial filings, strategic decision making, fundraising and M&A activities with a Fractional CFO.

Our Services

  • Customized Solutions

  • US GAAP Compliant

  • Documentation

  • Strategy

Accounting Solutions

Take advantage of the economies of scale with OrthoBooks. Let our team watch over your business at a fraction of the typical costs associated with building an internal finance function.

Financial Controls

Whether you are preparing to raise money or engage in an M&A transaction now or in the next few years, you will be judged by the quality of your books. Insufficient financials will reduce value.

Made for Orthopedics

There is so much nuance to billings, collections, commissions, inventory management, etc.. Trust your accounting to a team that has significant experience in the space.


We take our job very seriously and our team of experts will help you protect your business 

by paying attention to your dashboards, cash management, reporting and other financing needs.


"One of the most important tasks for our business is managing the cash inflows and outflows. Our business is complicated with multiple tiered commission structures, rebate programs with our hospital customers and employee payroll with commissions and bonuses."
- Accountant Customer
"We needed a solution that provided our US GAAP financials as our expectation is that we will be initiating a fund raising round in the next few months. OrthoBooks was able to jump in and provide structure and controls that investors look for without requiring us to go through a full audit."
- Controller Customer
"Utilizing OrthoBooks has given me so much peace of mind. I don't need a sophisticated accounting software and am not ready to hire a full time team yet. OrthoBooks helps keep my costs at a minimum yet provides me all of the benefits I need related to keeping our books clean."
- Bookkeeping Customer