About Company

welcome to our Company Page.

We are building orthopedic companies from around the world

OrthoBooks was created to support companies and their operations in the complex world of medical device. Stop trying to teach external bookkeepers the ins and outs of how this industry works. 

We offer you our knowledge and expertise with the proven cost efficiencies created in an effective outsource manner. 

Business Advisory

We do the detailed work that will provide you the metrics of how your business is performing so you can make data driven decisions to rapidly grow.

Financial Leadership

We take the appropriate level of responsibility based on the team you currently have. We can support you from simple bookkeeping to CFO.

Industry Expertise

We are like you. We have developed our careers serving the orthopedic and spine industries and understand all of its complexities and opportunities.

History Overview

OrthoBooks was created specifically to serve the orthopedic, spine and biologics specialites of the medical device industry. One this we have found is certain, our industry is unique and that requires a unique solutions. Our team has financial expertise at every level to support you regardless of your needs and/or special circumstances. Our team believes that your company will be more poised to thrive if you are enabled to make data driven decisions while keeping your finances flexible to invest in things that will drive transactional value like a deeper sales team, more engineers for product development or to protect your intellectual property.

We make your life easy by managing the detail and providing expert advice and guidance along the way. Our team has accumulated over 100 years of experience in this segment of the industry and has been a major part of multiple fund raises and exits via M&A. We look forward to being a small part of your story and a catalyst that helps drive your business forward immediately!